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Add Organic Meals

They source organic and local produce when ever possible and make juices and food in-house, fresh daily.  Their selection of menu items vary based on  seasonal and local availability of certain produce.

Click the button below to see the "Training Menu" created together with Coach Erinne Guthrie that corresponds with the nutritional needs for optimum training during the Ultimate Triathlon Camp.
Take a look at the amazing menu prepared by PRESS'D.
It's healthy and nutritious food designed to keep you energy ready during our training.
Make your selections right now and send it back by email: 
Let them know if you have any special dietary needs such as Paleo, Wheat Free, Plant based, if you have leaky gut, or any food allergies.
You may also order extra bars to take home.  All food is fresh made, quality ingredients, non GMO, organic/local/whole clean food, no junk, no processed, no refined sugars, flours, etc.  Just clean whole fresh food made from scratch!
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