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ultimate tri camp 2025

Welcome to the Ultimate Tri Camp, where your journey to pushing your physical and mental limits begins! We are excited to offer you a unique and empowering experience designed to enhance your triathlon skills and boost your
performance to new heights.

Registration options

  1. Pay in Full: Secure your spot at the Ultimate Tri Camp with our convenient pay-in-full option.

  2. Select Payment Plans: Prefer a more flexible payment option? Choose our select payment plans to spread the cost of registration over time.

What's Included in Your Registration:

  1. Training for 7 Days: Immerse yourself in a comprehensive training program crafted to elevate your triathlon skills and endurance. From swimming and running to biking and strength training, our camp covers it all.

  2. Speaker Presentations and Workshops: Gain valuable insights and tips from industry experts and seasoned triathletes through engaging presentations and interactive workshops.

  3. Swimming, Running, and Bike Activities: Fine-tune your technique and build your endurance with a variety of swimming, running, and biking activities tailored to all skill levels.

  4. Strength Training, Yoga, and Recovery Sessions: Enhance your performance and prevent injuries with specialized strength training, yoga sessions, and recovery techniques designed to optimize your triathlon training.

  5. Onsite Group Coaching: Benefit from personalized guidance and support from our experienced coaches as you train alongside fellow campers in a motivating and supportive environment.

  6. Camp Swag Bag: Receive exclusive camp merchandise and essentials to fuel your training journey and commemorate your Ultimate Tri Camp experience.

  7. Camp T-shirt and Tri Suit: Gear up for success with official camp apparel, including a stylish camp T-shirt and a high-performance triathlon suit to enhance your performance on race day.

Who Can Attend:

All levels of triathletes are welcome at Ultimate Tri Camp! Whether you're a seasoned competitor or new to the sport, our tailored programs cater to athletes of all abilities, helping you zone in on your strengths and areas for improvement.


Why Choose Ultimate Tri Camp:

  • Tailored Programs: Our camp programs are specifically designed to strengthen skills and enhance performance based on your athletic level, ensuring personalized attention and growth.

  • Empowering Experience: Experience the transformative power of our camp, which goes beyond physical training to empower you mentally and emotionally, setting you up for success on and off the racecourse.

  • Expert Coaching: Benefit from the expertise of our experienced coaches who are dedicated to supporting your journey and helping you reach your full potential as a triathlete.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your triathlon game and embark on a journey of growth, empowerment, and achievement at Ultimate Tri Camp!

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